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True Protect specialise in protecting you, your loved ones or your business from the what if’s in life. We offer advice to help you find the most suitable possible insurance policy.

Personal protection includes Life Insurance, Family Income Benefit, Mortgage Protection, Critical Illness Cover / Critical Illness Cover for Children, Income Protection and Rental Protection.

Business protection includes Relevant Life Insurance, Key Person Insurance, Shareholder Protection Policies, Executive Income Protection and Business Loan Protection.


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Why Choose Us?

23+ Years Experience. You’ll receive expert financial protection advice and insurance policies from a passionate and professional team.

Tailored Insurance Cover. We work with a number of trusted insurers to make sure you get the most suitable insurance plan for you, your family or your business.

Friendly & Approachable. One of our team will be your designated point of contact. They will help you find a suitable insurance policy.

Trusted Insurance Advisers. We are not tied to a specific insurer, but have access to a wide network, so you can be confident you will receive the most suitable advice.

Our Insurers

We work with a wide panel of companies to get you the most suitable insurance policy. We have access to some great discounts in our panel, keeping your insurance premiums exceptionally competitive. We are also part of The PRIMIS Mortgage Network which provides us with up-to-date training, support and regulatory guidance to make sure we give the best service to you possible.


Advice! Our personal and business protection insurance advisers have the knowledge and experience to ensure you take out the most suitable insurance plan for your needs. We check a variety of insurers to make sure you get a competitive policy for a monthly premium that is current – so you don’t pay more than what you should be paying. You’ll also experience a personal service from our team, getting to know Vicky and Rachel and feel more of a trusted friendship, rather than just a business connection.

No, you don’t have to pay a fee! We will receive commission from the insurer direct, but don’t worry – this won’t make your premiums any higher. In fact, we have some great discounts within our panel of trusted insurers, keeping your insurance premiums exceptionally competitive.

Talk to us! We have an amazing and trusted panel of insurers who we can speak to, and we will do our absolute best to get you some insurance cover in place. Our panel of insurers can specialise in certain disclosures, so we can connect you with the insurer that is best for you.

Talk to us! We can speak to the insurer and see what we could do to help. It’s best to have some form of insurance cover in place rather than nothing, so please don’t cancel your policy – speak to us first. We will help you make the best move forward.

We would say yes to most policies being put into trust. If you were to unfortunately pass away then the money goes to the person/s you have named as a beneficiary. This can shorten the process as it skips probate and is tax free, so no inheritance tax as it doesn’t form part of your estate.


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