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Business Protection

Ensure you and your business has the right financial protection in place. Our Protection Specialists offer expert advice on financial protection for UK businesses, and will find the right type of business protection insurance plan to suit your needs.

Business owner working, now he has relevant life insurance cover

Relevant Life Cover

Relevant Life Insurance Plans are designed to pay a lump sum to an employee’s family if they were to die (or be diagnosed with a terminal illness) whilst employed by the company. Relevant Life Cover allows an employer to provide death-in-service benefits to employees on an individual basis. It’s tax-efficient as the premiums can be treated as an allowable business expense by HMRC. The cover is written in trust, meaning the claim is paid free of inheritance tax.

Key Person Insurance

Key Person Insurance Policies are designed to protect a business from the financial impact of the death, terminal illness or critical illness of one of their key employees. A key person is a member of staff whose skills, knowledge, experience or leadership qualities are crucial to the ongoing success of the business. In the event of the death/critical illness of the employee the business would receive the funds to help mitigate the disruption caused. This allows the business to meet the costs of recruitment. Alternatively, funds may be needed to pay off debts or replace lost profits.

Business key person happy with her key man insurance policy
company shareholders talking about share protection insurance

Shareholder Protection

Shareholder Protection Insurance allows business owners to buy shares back from a co-shareholder who is diagnosed with a critical or terminal illness, or dies. This helps surviving owners retain control and ownership of the business whilst also providing the deceased's estate will a fair value for the shareholding. Shareholder Protection plans can be set up for Limited Companies, Partnerships and Limited Liability Partnerships. It is important that a business has an appropriate shareholder / partnership agreement in place that meets the needs of the business owners.

Executive Income Protection

Executive Income Protection Insurance Plans are designed for small and medium businesses to provide sick pay benefits to individual directors or key employees. If the employee is unable to work due to illness or injury the business would receive a monthly benefit to fund the ongoing sick pay. The employer could also choose to insure the associated costs of National Insurance and pension contributions. The Executive Income Protection Plan is taken out and paid for by the employer and usually counts as a tax-deductible expense.

business owner happy with his executive income protection insurance
Company team happy with their loan protection insurance policy

Loan Protection

Loan Protection Insurance Policies will provide the business with funds to repay a business loan, commercial mortgage or director's loan in the event that a key individual were to die or be diagnosed with a terminal or critical illness. Business Loan Protection Insurance can be taken out on the life of a director, partner, sole trader or loan guarantor. Cover can be arranged as a fixed sum assured or on a decreasing basis to match the outstanding debt.

Our Insurers

We work with a wide panel of companies to get you the most suitable insurance policy. We have access to some great discounts in our panel, keeping your insurance premiums exceptionally competitive. We are also part of The PRIMIS Mortgage Network which provides us with up-to-date training, support and regulatory guidance to make sure we give the best service to you possible.